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Kate Eberlen


I grew up in a small town thirty miles away from London and spent my childhood reading books and longing to escape. I even learned the London Underground Map off by heart just so I would be ready if and when the opportunity arose. My fascination with different lives and cultures led me to study Classics at Oxford University, but I discovered that I was much less interested in academia than I was in the world of work.

I’ve had lots of jobs – from running my own jewellery business at the age of twelve, au pair in Rome and New York, lift girl at Harrods (smiling, as if for the first time, whenever someone remarked ‘I bet this job has its ups and downs’), to working in publishing and writing books. Most recently, I’ve trained to teach English as a Foreign Language with a view to spending more time in Italy, a country I love.  

I wrote Miss You in the afternoons when I was teaching in the mornings. For my next novel, I’m revisiting my passion for classical literature by weaving the poems of Catullus into contemporary narrative about identity and love.

I’m married to a lovely man and we have a son who is at university now. We moved out of London so that our son could grow up by the sea, but I go up several times a month. I’m passionate about dance and adore the pure romance of classical ballet, so I try to see as many productions as I can. My husband and I recently decided to learn ballroom dancing, which is really good fun, although much more difficult than it looks.  

I love films and drama on television, but I think my greatest pleasure is still that feeling of being transported to another world when I’m reading a good book.


For publicity and events enquiries please email my publicist, Francesca ( and for rights enquiries, my agents, Lucas Alexander Whitley, can be reached at



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