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US Libraries Supporting Miss You

Monday 27th March 2017


I’m so thrilled with the support Miss You is receiving from US libraries ahead of publication in USA on April 4th. 

Thank you Library Journal for this wonderful starred review!

Eberlen’s marvelous debut novel captivates and immerses, invoking all human emotions, which engage throughout. We meet both Tess and Gus as they separately vacation in Florence, Italy, back in 1997, days away from embarking on new journeys, hopes, and dreams that college can bring. Though they cross paths, they don’t actually meet each other. As we get to know them through separate story lines, we realize they may just be the perfect match as they confront grief, missed chances, or opportunities, and challenging family lives.

The protagonists and stories stand on their own, but they also complement each other in their similar experiences, which is part of this novel’s charm. Tess and Gus are completely relatable, and readers will want to play Cupid for them—hoping they will see each other again. Sixteen years after their Italian excursion, they both are in the city at the same time. Will they connect and be together?

VERDICT - This worthy, wonderful, and witty read is a must-have for all romantics who believe in hope.

—Anne M. Miskewitch, Chicago P.L.


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