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Reviews for Ever After

Friday 9th June 2023 @ 12:00 am


I’m so grateful to all the people who have read proofs of Ever After and given such positive feedback...

‘A captivating story about love... at times heartbreaking and at others uplifting... and an ending that is as poignant as it is perfect. I really loved it.’

Clare Swatman, author of Before We Grow Old


‘Heartbreaking and heart-mending, ever after is a feat of a book that speaksto the true complexities of romance after the fade-to-black moment of "I love you". I adored it!’

Laura Jane Williams, bestselling author of Our Stop


‘I adored it. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming, this is an inspiring taleof enduring love that weaves the complexities of love together withbeautiful locations.’

Alexandra Potter, award winning author of Confessions of a Forty-Something


‘A wonderful read, funny, poignant and deeply satisfying’

Emily Bell, author of Baby It's Cold Outside


‘Kate Eberlen has gone beyond the initial star crossed romance of Tess andGus to explore the lasting nature of relationships with her characteristic sensitivity, perception and humour in this inspirational book’

Martha Kearney, journalist & broadcaster


‘Kate is fast becoming one of our best commercial fiction writers, with the depth, warmth and wisdom of the greats such as Maeve Binchy and Penny Vincenzi, who left a gap which has been long waiting to be filled.

Ever After is a tender, complex, poignant portrait of true love, dancing between light and shadow with a deft touch and exploring all the complexities of a lasting relationship and all life has to throw at it. But it doesn’t just follow the rocky road of romance - it explores family, friendship, past relationships, careers, personal growth and physical and mental health. It packs plenty of emotional punches, but is also warm and funny and truly uplifting. Kate’s eye for detail in her description of both place and people is exquisite: you feel as ifyou have been there and know them. If I had to some it up in one word? Beautiful.’

Veronica Henry, bestselling author of A Day at the Beach Hut and Thirty Days in Paris


‘Ever After is a very special, exquisite book- I was in awe on every page!’

Matt Cain, broadcaster and author of The Madonna of Bolton


‘Expertly draw characters reeled me in to the novel, gripped to see what would happen next. Italy comes alive in Eberlen’s hands, London too. She has the surest touch, the most observant eye and her deep understanding of character is second to none.’

Fanny Blake, author of A Summer Reunion


‘Achingly real and wise. The emotional impact is stunning. A truly special, gorgeous story.’

Miranda Dickinson, bestselling author of Fairytale of New York


It’s wonderful to have support from writers, librarians and bloggers. 

Thank you all so much.



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